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For all your horological machining needs.
Old style craftsmanship with modern technology

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We use the latest technology to assure that age old craftsmanship integrates with precision to recreate parts which match or exceed the durability and precision of original parts at reasonable and competitive  rates. We can and will order special cutting tools and jigs for rare or unusual parts to meet our high standards. 

Repairs to  and remanufacture of

tick tock clock REPLACE 1 TO 8 TEETH  IN A WHEEL OR BARREL $50.00 - 75.00
tick tock clock CUT PINION & MOUNT ON ARBOR $65.00 - $125.00
tick tock clock CUT PINION & ARBOR WITH PIVOTS $110.00 - $175.00
tick tock clock CUT WHEEL BRASS TIME or STRIKE TRAIN $45.00 - $125.00
tick tock clock MOUNT WHEEL ON ARBOR $5.00 - $25.00
tick tock clock REBUSH SQUARE GATHERING PALLET $25.00 - 65.00
tick tock clock REPIVOT LARGE PIVOT $35.00
tick tock clock REPIVOT SMALL PIVOT $45.00
tick tock clock GREAT WHEEL OR LST WHEEL $75.00
tick tock clock ESCAPTE WHEEL $65.00 - 125.00
tick tock clock LANTERN PINION $30.00 - 60.00
tick tock clock SQUARE ARBOR FOR GATHERING PALLET $85.00 - 125.00
tick tock clock GATHERING PALLET RIGHT OR LEFT $50.00
tick tock clock CENTER PINION ARBOR $95.00 - 125.00
For Items not listed, call or email for estimate

Shipping $5.00

We can manufacture specialized tooling.
Please call for estimate



CALL: 704-517-8562          EMAIL:
           11179 McFalls Dr.   Fort Mill, S.C.   29715
NOTE: Clock Movement Machining is the exclusive machine work contractor for "Time After Time"
Specialty clock shop. Feel free to contact Clock Movement Machining at their phone number: 704-889-2420
Due to work schedule, turn around time on most orders will be approximately 20 days.
Special orders will require more time.



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